Battlezone 2020 is the first edition of gaming events going to be organized by ABV-IIITM IEEE Student Branch, Gwalior, on 13th and 14th August, which includes the Battle Royale game PUBG, COD, which provides an electrifying experience and the malevolent political Chess game, all with a total cash prize of Rs. 15K+ with sponsored goodies, gifts and certificates. Grab the oppurtunity and be a part of our first ever captivating BattleZone


  1. Players are expected to use their own devices.
  2. Only smartphones are allowed to be used to play the game.
  3. PC’s, consoles, laptops or any other non-handheld device are not allowed.
  4. Using the official emulator on PC is also not allowed.
  5. All games are played in Third Person Perspective (TPP).

There will custom rooms for which room_id and password will be sent to each team.

  1. If players are found to collude with other team members or members of other teams to provide any player with advantages or benefits in the game will lead to disqualification of the team.
  2. Cheating of any type is prohibited, it includes use of any kind of cheating device or program.
  3. Intentionally using any in -game bug is also prohibited.
  4. Any type of vulgar speech, violence and unauthorized communication will lead to disqualification.
  1. Minimum - 1
  2. Maximum - 4
  3. Note: Each team should have a captain assigned who will be the point of contact with the officials.

    Round 1
    The matches will be classic erangle and the top teams of each match will be qualified for the next round.

    Round 2
    This round will have a single classic match of which top 3 teams will be awarded with the prize money.

Teams will be awarded with cash prize of worth Rs. 8k+

  1. 1st Prize - Rs. 4500
  2. 2nd Prize - Rs. 2500
  3. 3rd Prize - Rs. 1000

BONUS: Top 10 players of different teams with maximum kills will get Rs.10/- per kill. In case of tie between the players of same team the one with maximum damage will be considered.

Until 5th of August

  1. Per team - Rs. 200
  2. Per Player - Rs. 60

After 5th of August

  1. Per team - Rs. 350
  2. Per Player - Rs. 100

NOTE: Please Pay the required registration fee through UPI at himanshupandey345@okaxis or scan the following QR Code and upload the screenshot of payment during registration.
You can also pay through Paytm, PhonePe or Google Pay at 9695669998

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